Lawn Services by Blue Ridge Landscaping

Blue Ridge Landscaping in Eau Claire, WI, has the skill and experience to take care of all of your lawn care needs. The seasons have an impact on the health and beauty of your lawn. For general property and lawn maintenance, weed control, shrub trimming, and spring and fall clean-up, Blue Ridge Landscaping is your expert for all of your residential and commercial maintenance needs. Contact us today!


During the summer, it can be difficult to maintain a luscious green lawn. Between mowing, weed eating, raking, pulling weeds, and watering, it can become quite overwhelming and time-consuming. Blue Ridge Landscaping is here to do the hard work so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and spend quality time outdoors. We provide weekly and annual services, depending on your needs and budget.

Blue Ridge Landscaping is your premier provider for a comprehensive lawn care program. We design a custom schedule for your property to ensure a healthy and green landscape for you and your family to enjoy. Year after year you will enjoy the beauty and comfort of the outdoors in your fully maintained back yard. Be the entertainment headquarters and enjoy the summer without leaving your home!

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Seasonal debris cleaning promotes a healthier lawn, and also helps with maintaining a much more attractive property. After a hard winter, debris has fallen from trees due to harsh Midwest weather conditions. Our crew will clean and remove all the leaves, dead clippings, branches and debris from your property in the spring using power raking and aeration techniques. This will prepare your lawn for healthy growth during the next growing season.

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When you're struggling to find the balance between work time and play time on your days off, sometimes it's easier to contact a professional. We do the hard work so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather and spend quality time outdoors. We provide weekly services for residential and commercial properties of any size. We work closely with you to ensure our customized services meet every need and are within budget. We do necessary trimming and clean-up so that your property looks healthy and beautiful when we're done.

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Our professional crew has the experience and equipment to carefully trim ornamental trees and shrubs throughout your property to maintain a clean and manicured appearance. Trimming trees and bushes is important to maintain the health of the plant or tree and brings out the true beauty of your property. In addition, proper maintenance of your plants, plant beds, and mulch is important to maintain healthy plants and also to showcase a clean, professional look. You can depend on Blue Ridge Landscaping to keep your landscape looking beautiful with our shrub and tree trimming services.

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A comprehensive maintenance program for your lawn using the perfect combination of fertilizer and weed control applications provide the necessary nutrients to ensure a much healthier lawn. Weeds are a constant threat to your lawn, and if weeds aren't kept at bay, they can quickly take over a lawn. At Blue Ridge Landscaping, we apply pre-emergent weed treatments to prevent grassy-type weeds such as crabgrass from germinating. We also use post-emergent treatments to control actively growing broadleaf weeds such as clover and dandelions.

Our crew will follow this specific program on your property for complete year-round coverage. We apply different combinations of these products throughout the year to achieve the best results for the overall health of your yard.

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In combination with weed control and fertilization, annual aeration promotes deeper root growth and the ability for water to penetrate deep into the soil. This allows for stronger and deeper roots requiring less watering, resulting in a green lawn all year long.

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Removing dead wood, leaves, thatch, and debris is important for healthy grass and plant growth. Not only does it promote growth, but it also reduces the growth of weeds. Our crew will clean up your property, mow, rake, and remove clippings and debris so that it's not buried under the inevitable snow. This is important in maintaining a healthy lawn so that it will grow and look better in the spring.

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